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January 1, 2020 marked the effective date of California’s newest revision of its statewide Building Energy Efficiency Standards, also known as Title 24. Noteworthy changes include the adoption of mandatory photovoltaic systems for new home construction. Also on the residential side, the standards encourage demand responsive technologies including battery storage and heat pump water heaters. Other provisions focus on high performance attics, walls and windows to achieve comfort and energy savings via improvement of thermal envelopes. In nonresidential buildings, the standards update indoor and outdoor lighting making maximum use of LED technology.

The California Energy Commission estimates that single-family homes built under these new standards will use about seven percent less energy due to energy efficiency measures versus those built under the 2016 standards. Once rooftop solar electricity generation is factored in, homes built under the 2019 standards will use about 53 percent less energy than those under the 2016 standards. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 700,000 metric tons over three years, equivalent to taking 115,000 fossil fuel cars off the road. Nonresidential buildings will use about 30 percent less energy due mainly to lighting upgrades.

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