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We’re proud to announce that we have signed a representation agreement with FLO, one of the largest EV charging solutions providers in North America. Our Energy Group specialists will work with the FLO team to help educate the marketplace across California. FLO, based in Quebec City, Canada, has more than 10 years’ leadership in the EV marketplace. Since its creation, FLO has deployed 25,000 high-quality charging stations for public, commercial and residential use while building an extensive charging network in Canada and in the US  noted for its dependability and ease of use. FLO also offers its members access to a convenient arrays of charging stations in North America thanks to multiple “roaming” agreements with other EV Charging networks such as ChargePoint. Check out the recent YouTube video on their work with LA.

With the recent effective date of newly revised Building Energy Efficiency Standards (Title 24-2019) statewide in California and adoption of local “reach codes” that often require EV readiness for residential and nonresidential new construction, combined with the ongoing Clean Vehicle Rebate Program (CVRP) incentivizing purchase or lease of new plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV), we believe the addition of FLO to our portfolio of energy efficiency solutions offers our sales partners and customers a unique business opportunity. In December of 2019, FLO received the Energy Star Certification for its CoRe+ charger, making the company a qualified CALeVIP provider.

We look forward to assisting our customers with learning about the FLO solutions and identifying the best opportunities for implementing EV charging on upcoming projects.

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