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You got that big hotel project in town—time to celebrate. And then start planning. . .

Big construction projects are every contractor’s dream—long-term work for the whole crew, attractive incentives for beating tight deadlines. But they can also be a contractor’s nightmare—lots of repetitive infrastructure like wire assemblies that are time- and resource-intensive for job crews, create jobsite waste and pose injury risks to skilled team members.

The PRE-formance™ series from Crouse-Hinds offers a solution for all these concerns, by delivering pre-engineered and pre-assembled combinations of mounting method, outlet box, plaster ring, devices and leads to simplify branch wiring installation. PRE-formance comes in three comprehensive categories:

  • Basic assemblies: these options include the most popular drawn and welded boxes with ground screw and pigtail lead already installed
  • Custom assemblies: customers can select options “cafeteria-style” from Crouse-Hinds’ extensive line of mounting brackets, boxes, plaster rings, wiring devices, and other associated branch wiring accessories, that are then assembled-to-order
  • Complete: customers provide project-specific architectural and electrical engineering drawings and PRE-formance delivers a total pre-fabricated branch wiring system: custom produced, labeled, packaged by room and floor, and delivered to the jobsite

Our Eaton Group specialists can help you decide which PRE-formance options make the most sense for your big project. Email us today.

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