Field Sales

Connecting opportunities in local markets

Field Sales

Connecting opportunities in local markets

Field Sales Team

The Field Sales team is divided into two teams, one covering Northern California and Northern Nevada and another team covering Southern California. The Field Sales team primary function is growing market share within their territories by creating and connecting opportunities with channel partners, installers, specifiers and end users customers.

Northern California

Sales Team

Northern California & Nevada Sales Team | Counties we Serve

San Francisco, Peninsula & North California Coast

Bob Ivaldi

(209) 665-1554

East Bay Area

Gavin Stirtz

(925) 980-1368

Sacramento & Reno

Thuy Francis

(206) 919-0394

Central Valley

Edgar Sahakyan

(559) 313-1329

San Jose / Monterey

Joshua Cito

(303) 915-0150

Southern California

Sales Team

Southern California Sales Team | Counties we Serve

Santa Barbara & Bakersfield

Richard Bruun

(805) 341-9312

Los Angeles

Casey Anderson

(714) 814-0552

Inland Empire

Jamie Kessler

(949) 842-0900

Ted Rose

(714) 234-9473

Orange County

Todd Landis

(714) 625-7734

San Diego

Teri Youngblood

(619) 322-0050

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