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There’s been a lot of talk for years about the value of networked lighting controls: energy savings; controllability from dimming to demand response to daylighting and more; integration with other building systems; space utilization; zone-based control; energy monitoring. The list seems endless. However, adoption remains limited; industry observers estimate that less than 10% of new construction use networked lighting controls. Estimates for retrofit projects are even lower—1%!

Why? Barriers such as complexity and cost certainly rank among the most significant.

RAB’s Lightcloud offers functionality, simplicity and pricing that breaks through these barriers. In fact, Lightcloud checks all the boxes:

  • Daylighting                                                                
  • Occupancy sensing 
  • High end Trim  
  • Demand response  
  • Plug load control  
  • Zone control  
  • Individual luminaire addressability  
  • Energy monitoring  
  • Integration with external systems

Plus DLC qualification, complimentary concierge service for design services, utility rebate assistance, and tech support. If that’s not enough, Lightcloud also offers a 10-year warranty that’s practically unheard of in the controls industry.

Find out more, or contact an ElectroRep Energy Group specialist to discuss your specific project.

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