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It might sound crazy, but there’s an awful lot to love about Eaton’s broad portfolio of wiring devices.

Love saving energy? You can do it with Eaton’s full suite of lighting controls including dimmers, timers and sensors that make saving energy easy.

Love having a smarter home? Check out Eaton’s collection of Z-Wave Plus wireless lighting controls. They’re easy to install with no special wiring.

Love to stay connected? It’s easy to keep all your personal devices–smartphones and tablets–connected with Eaton’s USB charging receptacles. They offer both A&C type charging ports for fast and efficient charging in every room.

Love knowing everyone at home’s a little safer? Help your family find their way in the dark with Eaton’s dimmable LED nightlights. And swap out regular receptacles with ground fault, arc fault and surge-protected receptacles to protect loved ones, property and sensitive electronics. 

Looks like there’s a lot to love about Eaton’s Wiring Devices . . . just in time, too! Be sure to visit with our dedicated Eaton specialists for your next project!

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