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Intelligent high-performance buildings need smart building systems—including versatile LED lighting—powered by an intelligent electrical infrastructure and Southwire’s MC-PCS Duo™ is a key component. It combines power conductors along with Control/Signal cables all under one armor, reducing installation costs when compared to pulling separate power and control/signal/data cables. Designed with a robust set of features, MC-PCS Duo offers solid or stranded conductors, aluminum or steel armor or an overall PVC jacket. The cable complies with UL 569 and NEC articles 330 and 725. Installers can select from 250’ coils, 1000’ reels, SIMpull BARREL™ cable drums, boxes and prefab modular assembly lengths, depending on the needs of specific projects.

Paired with innovative LED lighting fixtures from RAB Lighting, like the newly introduced SWISH FA, MC-PCS Duo enables effortless 0-10V dimming and other control capabilities. Ask us about how MC-PCS Duo and SWISH FA can help on your next project.

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