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We hear it time after time. When you’re responsible for a mission-critical facility in harsh and hazardous conditions—like petrochemical facilities, mines, marine and shipboard environments—you have twice as many concerns . . . making sure your people are safe and making sure your equipment is performing.

That’s why we think this new 3-phase encapsulated transformer from Hammond is such a great innovation. The technology advances, combined with the inventive design on this transformer, mean you can cross one important infrastructure worry off your list—you’ll never experience power loss or degradation due to environmental conditions. The Hammond engineers really paid attention. They improved the unit design, with a removable hinged door and factory-installed grounding lugs so installation is faster than ever. Then they completely encapsulated the transformer core and coil in silica AND epoxy to protect against airborne contaminants and prevent moisture ingress.

And they really stand behind the Titan® N. The 10-year warranty is the best in the business and the Hammond team tests every single unit individually before shipping out to the customer!

Get all the details here.

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