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Eaton markets this as a productivity booster and how! There are so many great features packed into this device it’s almost too good to be true. First of all, the push-on mounting means you can push the bracket onto the stud for a couple minutes and it won’t slip before you’re able to screw it down. We really liked the built-in bracket extender. All you have to do is snap it off and click into place to extend the back support for up to 6” depths. If you’re doing a lot of multiple box mountings, this bracket has interlocking edges so side-by-side mountings are—literally—a snap. And they’ve even thought of the datacom folks. Installers can use the “rabbit ear” clips and mud ring to attach card readers and other devices without having the expense or installation hassle of a box.

It’s hard to believe how the Eaton B-Line industrial design team thought of everything. Take a look at the video if you don’t believe us!

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