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Did you know that more than 30,000 construction workers suffer on-the-job sprains and strains annually that require medical attention? Lifting, pulling, pushing, reaching, bending and other common construction activities contribute to these injuries, says OSHA. Most of these injuries are preventable, through proper training and cost-effective and wire packaging solutions like Southwire’s SIMpull portfolio.

SIMpull products like CoilPAK™ Wire Payoff and BARREL™ Cable Drum—both low voltage cable products—are designed to increase productivity and relieve worker exertion on the jobsite, whether from over-pulling or strenuous setup. Southwire has decades of design experience in wire and cable solutions, and it really shows in the SIMpull products. Not only do they feature designs like built-in spool handles and NoLube® wire jackets that enhance productivity, they also include features to minimize waste.

It’s kind of hard to believe one product can solve so many problems at one time, but SIMpull seems to do the trick.

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